Prof. Dr. Tobias Hartmann

Since 2011Professor for Experimental Neurology at the Saarland University
Since 2009Director Deutsches Institut für Demenzprävention
Since 2008Coordinator LipiDiDiet
2006-11Professor for Neurodegeneration & Neurobiology at the Saarland University
2003-06Group Leader, Centre for Molecular Biology (ZMBH) Heidelberg University
1999-02Project Leader, ZMBH
1996-99Postdoc, Beyreuther Laboratory, Heidelberg University
1996Dr. rer. nat., Univ. Heidelberg

The lab is in the process of moving to another building. When trying to contact us please try both addresses given here and those given within the link “Lab members“.

(Postal-) Address:

University of the Saarland
Experimentelle Neurologie
Gebäude 90
Kirrberger Straße 1
66421 – Homburg / Saar

Phone: +49 6841 – 1647918
Fax: +49 6841 – 1624137

Lab members may be reached under the phone numbers +49 6841 – 16479 – 16/17/19/20/21

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